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Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal, is known for its rich cultural heritage and historical significance. It’s also a city with a burgeoning healthcare sector, offering a wide range of medical services. From state-of-the-art technology to experienced healthcare professionals, Kolkata boasts several world-class hospitals.

In this comprehensive article, we will explore the top hospitals in Kolkata, highlighting their areas of specialization, commitment to patient care, and contributions to the city’s healthcare landscape.

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals

Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals, a joint venture between Apollo Hospitals Group and Parkway Pantai, is a renowned name in healthcare. Located in the heart of Kolkata, this hospital is known for its multidisciplinary approach and advanced medical infrastructure.

With specialized centers for cardiac care, orthopedics, and oncology, Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals has consistently ranked as one of the top healthcare institutions in the city.

AMRI Hospitals

AMRI Hospitals is a chain of medical facilities spread across Kolkata. Their Salt Lake Unit is particularly well-known for its comprehensive healthcare services. They specialize in cardiology, orthopedics, neurology, and gynecology, offering advanced treatment options and a patient-centric approach. The hospital group’s commitment to ethical healthcare has earned it a prominent place in Kolkata’s healthcare sector.

Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital, Anandapur, is a part of the Fortis Healthcare group and is known for its world-class medical services. Specializing in cardiology, neurosurgery, and critical care, Fortis Hospital has a reputation for delivering top-quality healthcare with cutting-edge technology. Their commitment to patient satisfaction and clinical excellence has established them as one of the city’s top hospitals.

Calcutta Medical Research Institute (CMRI)

Calcutta Medical Research Institute, a unit of the CK Birla Group, has been a prominent healthcare institution in Kolkata for many years. CMRI offers comprehensive medical services and is particularly well-regarded for its cardiac care, neurology, and kidney transplant services. The hospital combines expertise with a compassionate approach to patient care.

Peerless Hospital and B.K. Roy Research Center

Peerless Hospital, located in the eastern part of Kolkata, is known for its expertise in cardiac care, gastroenterology, and urology. It is a trusted name in healthcare, with a strong focus on patient well-being and ethical medical practices. The hospital’s commitment to clinical excellence and community service has contributed significantly to Kolkata’s healthcare sector.

Ruby General Hospital

Ruby General Hospital is a multi-specialty hospital that has been serving the people of Kolkata for decades. With a wide range of medical services, including cardiology, neurology, and obstetrics, Ruby General Hospital is a reliable choice for healthcare. The hospital’s emphasis on affordability and patient care makes it a sought-after institution.

Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital

Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital is another well-established healthcare institution in Kolkata. They are renowned for their services in cardiology, gastroenterology, and orthopedics.

With a strong focus on ethical healthcare practices and a patient-centric approach, Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital is a trusted name in the city’s medical landscape.

Belle Vue Clinic

Belle Vue Clinic, situated in the heart of Kolkata, is known for its exceptional medical services, including cardiac care, orthopedics, and gynecology. The clinic combines state-of-the-art infrastructure with a dedicated team of specialists to provide top-quality healthcare. Its commitment to patient-centric care has earned it a reputation for excellence.

Tata Medical Center

Tata Medical Center is a specialized cancer hospital in Kolkata. It offers a wide range of cancer care services, including diagnosis, treatment, and research. The center is equipped with cutting-edge technology and has a team of highly skilled oncologists, making it a leading institution in the fight against cancer in Kolkata.

R.N. Tagore International Institute of Cardiac Sciences (RTIICS)

RTIICS is a renowned cardiac care center in Kolkata. It specializes in cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, and other heart-related treatments. The hospital’s commitment to delivering world-class cardiac care has made it a trusted name in the city’s medical landscape.


Kolkata’s healthcare sector has evolved significantly over the years, with numerous hospitals and medical institutions offering a wide range of services. The best hospital for you depends on your specific medical needs, preferences, and location. Whether you’re seeking cardiac care, cancer treatment, orthopedics, or any other medical service, Kolkata has several world-class hospitals to cater to your requirements.

When choosing a hospital, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the hospital’s expertise in your area of need, the availability of advanced technology, the reputation for patient care, and the hospital’s ethical practices. Kolkata’s healthcare institutions are committed to providing high-quality medical services, and they play a pivotal role in maintaining the city’s status as a hub of healthcare excellence.

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