Free Earning Apps in India 2023

So in today’s post we have brought for you Free Earning Apps in India Which is going to be very good in 2023 because 2022 has passed and now is the time of 2023 in which you will need a lot of Aranicap.

And in today’s post, we are going to give you such a erunning app which will be great for you if you want to do online Eearning today, for this you must have an Android phone and whatever you need, I will give you here. telling below

To run online, you must have an Android phone, apart from this, there must be an application mentioned by me and you must have some data through which you will earn online.

So first of all I would like to tell you that I have been blogging for the last 5 years and have answered the questions of lakhs of people, so hopefully I will give you the correct answer and you will like it.

Free Earning Apps in India

Although there are many online earning apps, but the app that we will tell about today, it is an Indian application and most of the people of India use this application and due to the new application, it is still earning a lot.

I am giving you the best Android application in 2023 that will make you army and by using this application you can do a lot or not and its special thing is that it will not deduct even a single penny from you. Will transfer entire Earning to your bank account

Which is the online earning app

The name of the online earning app we are talking about today is Mandola, it is an Indian application and that is why people of India are mostly using this application, Mandola app is of very less MB, because of this you can easily You can also install it on your phone and your phone will not hang.

Free Earning Apps in India

This app is a real earning app, here you will not have a single money problem, whatever you do, it will be directly transferred to your bank account and the work that has to be done in it is also very easy, even a less educated person can use this app. Can’t do much else using the app

How to Download Mandola Earning App

You do not need to go anywhere to download Mandola Aranikap, for this you need to search directly on the Google Play Store and search Mandola Aranikap as soon as you search so much, it will now be seen at the top in front of you and you can install it. You can directly install on your phone by touching on the button

It is of only 63 MB, due to this it will be easily installed in your phone and if your phone has less space then only or will be installed in your phone and will work, apart from this if you are facing any kind of problem this app If you want to use or get any other information, then you can tell by commenting in the comment box below.

How to create your account in Mandola Earning App

If you have installed this app, then now you need to create an account in this app and it is very easy to create an account in it, as soon as you install and open this application, you will see 3 lines on the right hand top. If you have to click on these lines, then below you will see the sign up button, you have to click on it and there you have to enter your email address and password.

As soon as you enter the email address and password and hit enter, an OTP will be sent to you on the same email, and by entering that OTP here, you have to create an account with your email.

How to earn money from mandola earning app

Friends, it is very easy to earn money from Mandola Earning App, in this you do not need to do anything, only you have to put small videos which are your own videos, if you are from any other website or any other third party from your channel. If you download and upload this video, then you will not be able to run, so whenever you upload a video here, insert your own video.

As blue will come on your video and likes will increase, you will not lose as much, so try to upload more and more videos and share with as many people as possible, because the more you invite, the more you will not lose. will continue to happen

If you go to someone else’s ID and watch videos in it, even then your person continues to be there because some views come on those videos and some of the money for those ads goes to the company whose app you are using and Some money goes to the person whose video you are watching and some goes to you

So friends, hope you have liked this post and here you have got complete information, if you want to get any more information about Mandola app or want to make any complaint or suggestion, then comment in the comment box below. we will definitely help you

And if you want, then share this post with your friends too so that they also get a chance to come and run online, it will also benefit them and they will also be able to do some work, see you again in another new post till then. hello to

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