Best Trading App in India to Earn Money Without Investment

If you want to know India’s best trading app, that too without any investment, then today we have brought such a trading app for you, using which you cannot do well.

The name of the trading app that we are going to tell you today is Star – what kind of trading app is this, using which people are earning thousands of rupees today, so if you also want to use it, then read this entire post carefully. Reading

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Best Trading App in India

Star – App is such a trading app in which you can earn a lot by trading and you do not need to invest a single penny in this, so if you want to trade without investment, then try this app once. This is probably the best trading app in India

If you do not have money and you want to trade, then you can trade using this Histamines app and this is a very good application, although you will find a lot of details about it on Google, but better details I am giving it to you only because I have taken it for my personal use and have gathered a lot of information about it.

How to Install Star – Trading App

To install this app, you do not need to go to any other place, directly you have to go to Google Play Store and search the Histamineus app there, as soon as you do this, you will get to see it at the top and then you can install it. You can easily install it on your phone by touching Barfi.

The special thing about Star – App is that it is a very small MB application, only 40 MB application and the rating is 3.5 skating if you talk about the downloader, if you see that there have been 1.5 million downloaders, then you can understand. that this application is so good and so useful

Keep in mind that whenever you install this application in your phone, install it only from there by going to Google Play Store, there you will get its latest version and if you install this app from a third party website, then install it. So it will happen but you will not get to see all the features, because of this you cannot run well in it, so try to go to Google Play Store and install this application from there itself.

How to create your account in Star – Trading App

If you have installed this app in your phone, then now you need to create your own account in it, now if you want to create your own account in it, then first of all you have to open this app, after that you have to go down If you see the sign button, then you have to touch that signing button, then you have to enter your email id and password there, but if you are using it for the first time, then after signing in, you will see the create account option at the bottom. you will see it you have to touch it

And there you have to fill all the details and after that as soon as you click on create account, your account will be confirmed and then you can do your work in it.

Remember, it is mandatory to create your account first in this app, until you create your own account in it, you cannot trade in it, so as soon as you install the application, first create your own account in it and the Keep the password, remember that because when you add your bank account to it, you will have to enter your password there.

Star – How to trade in the app

When you create your own account in this app, you get some points for free, using which you can do trading for free and when you want to train in high level, then you have to pay there, only then you can do high level training. You can do trading but in the beginning you can train using only the free points you get.

If Narbali is seen, then the way training is done in all the trading apps, in the same way you have to train in this app, you get to see some structures in it, which are very important for you to understand, then you can watch the video on YouTube for that information. You can also take it by doing and after that when you have complete knowledge then only you can use this app and only then do trading by investing your money.

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